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Meet The Team

Debbie Duyvesteyn

BCRPA Advanced Group Fitness Instructor, SFL

Education: Group Fitness • TRX Specialist • Weight Trainer • Personal Trainer • Youth Instructor • Sports Nutritionist • Indoor Cycling Instructor • Agatsu Kettlebell Certified, Supervisor or Fitness Leaders

Melissa Sloos

Indoor Cycling Instructor, BCRPA Certified Instructor, Co-owner

Education: B.A. • BCRPA Certified Group Fitness • Indoor Cycling Instructor • BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer

Nichole Strickland

BCRPA Certified Instructor & Personal Trainer, Co-owner

Education: BCRPA Group Fitness Instructor

Sydney Wightman

BCRPA Certified Instructor

Education: Group Fitness • Weight Trainer • TRX Specialist • Indoor Cycling Instructor

Kelly Edwards

Certified Yoga Teacher

Education: 500hr Yoga Teacher Training • Certified Aerial Yoga Teacher • 1000hr IAYT Yoga Therapy Teacher

Natalie Friesen

BCRPA Certified Instructor

Education: Group Fitness • TRX Group Trainer • Indoor Cycling Instructor

Keely Sills

Certified Yoga Teacher

Education: 500HR Yoga Teacher Training

Stephanie Larkin

Certified Yoga Teacher

Education: 200HR Yoga Teacher Training

Jennifer Weaver

Certified Yoga Teacher

Education: 200HR Yoga Teacher Training


Ultimate Conditioning: This is an all levels class that is designed to work your entire body using a variety of equipment. There will typically be some cardiovascular work paired with weights, focusing on strength gains.

The Works: This is exactly as it sounds. Everything but the kitchen sink in this all levels class. The aim is often for a higher repetition count focusing on endurance.

Bootcamp: This is an all levels, full body class focusing on cardiovascular work, body-weight exercises, and often the addition of equipment like dumbbells and resistance bands for strength training.

LIFT: This all levels class is solely about lifting, so no cardiovascular work here. This class may focus on one area or be full body. It is definitely meant to challenge your lifting capacity.

Conditioning & Core: This is an all levels class with a focus on your core (abs) and your cardiovascular system. A variety of equipment will be used in this class, including bands, dumbbells, and kettlebells.

Yin Yoga: This is a gentle class, designed for all levels. The poses are held for a longer duration, movements are slower, and the pace is more relaxed. This is a great class for improving mobility.

Hatha Yoga: This class is a little more fast paced, but still great for all levels. You'll move more, do more breath work, and find yourself in more downward facing dogs. Embrace movement and mobility in this class. 


7385 Duncan St, Powell River, BC

604 485 5160

Coast Fitness is a small, locally-owned and operated boutique fitness and yoga studio nestled on the sunshine coast in Powell River, BC. We offer group fitness classes, yoga classes, personal training, and workshops for all bodies.


Classes by appointment only.

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