Bye Bye Comfort Zone

I recently started to learn how to do a handstand. I’m not sure if there was ever a time in my life, even when I was a bouncy little kid, that I could do a handstand. Outside of being able to say I can do one, is there any reason to learn how to do a handstand? It most likely won’t come up in day-to-day life, and I’m definitely not a gymnast, so why bother?

My answer to myself is: then why do anything at all? I have never done fitness for the sake of fitness, but for all the other benefits, top of which is the development of commitment and focus.

I am doing handstands so I can develop a new level of focus and intention.

I spend a lot of time at the studio, and even still, there are things I can’t physically do that I want to be able to do.

Being in a fitness environment is not going to sufficiently motivate you. It’s about cultivating dedication and continued effort towards a goal. And the beauty of this is that this skill is transferable to most other things we do in life.

Practicing focus and intentional effort on a goal, and putting in daily practice to achieve it, is not something everyone does. But the benefits are enormous. Focus and effort can help you be better at your job, be more efficient, be better at time management, be better at focusing on your family, and be better at setting aside time, including setting aside time for those lazy days spent with family or just by yourself.

Being able to do a handstand, while laudable as a goal, is more important in getting myself to strive for more skills and abilities, to focus my attention and effort, and to push myself beyond my comfort zone. If this is it, the only life we have, isn’t it more fun to choose some of your challenges?

Your life will be filled with challenges anyway. Actively participate in it and help yourself get better at dealing with the challenges you didn’t choose. Start with something little and work your way up to something big.

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